questionMark by Faryl is now up for pre-order!

questionmarknewcoverfixed2The six-story collection questionMark by Faryl is now up for preorder on Amazon for Kindle, with print editions coming after release.

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An energy vampire struggles with its own sentience as it falls in love for the first time.

When Jason’s younger sister claims she talks to fairies, he assumes her imagination is running wild. However, he soon finds out that her fantasy is about to become his reality.

Marion runs a soup kitchen with an unlimited supply of food, but he soon discovers that nothing in life is truly free.

Eric’s parents have been sick and quarantined in his home for almost a year, but no one believes him.

Jay Windsor wants to take back his country from the Rebels, but their unconventional method of torture turns his own mind against him.

A mysterious traveler with a haunting song is found guilty of murdering an old innkeeper.

Six bizarre stories: grotesque, enchanting, and everything in between. The experience is unpredictable, so what will happen when you read?